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Our Physician Partners & Network

Premier Physician Support Services is committed to providing the utmost in service, education, orientation and training to our network physicians. In addition we pay close attention to operational excellence by refining processes that are essential to what we do: improving outcomes and lowering costs through the development of new information technologies and care improvements. We leverage our deep expertise and commitment to improving performance by providing the best value-specific offerings designed to manage and grow the physician's office and/or medical center within the context of a long-term relationship. Our primary strategy is to provide services that make obtaining high quality treatment easier and more affordable for patients. Our secondary strategy is to provide information via technology in order to achieve higher productivity and profitability.

Premier Physician Support Services believes it has a responsibility to be a positive force for change within the healthcare community. We have developed a market strategy that directs our participating physicians to become the premier physician in their respective communities. Premier Physician Support Services believes that each physician's office and/or medical center should be handled as a local business with strong community ties.

What We Do
  • Develop and manage networks of primary care physicians, specialty physicians, ancillary providers and hospitals for HMOs and other payors
  • Promote increase access to members
  • Support the physicians with:
    • Provider education, orientation and training
    • Actionable monthly management reports (view sample reports)
    • Regular Physician Meeting
    • Medicare Risk Adjustment (MRA) training and maximization of reimbursements
      Utilization Management / Care Management
    • Case Management / High Cost Members
    • Pharmacy Management & Formularies
      Hospital In-Patient Management
    • HEDIS Compliance
    • ER Diversion
      Marketing support
    • Develop high performance delivery systems
    • Practice Management / Billing Systems
    • Electronic Medical Records
  • Care management – referral management, acute case management, chronic care management, drug utilization review, member outreach, health risk assessment, HEDIS compliance.
  • Reducing HMO’s medical cost ratios through the use of our MSO Risk Model
  • Market knowledge and ability to take on global risk throughout Florida
  • General support in all areas of the medical practice to include, billing, Electronic Health record (EHR), practice management, administration, marketing and sales

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